Live Score Updates

Pakistan 315, 244-all out (80.2 Ovs)
Sarfraz  72 (70)
Australia 241/2 dec & 538/8 dec
Hazlewood  18.2-7-29-3
Australia won by 220 runs




Australia would be satisfied with the way the whole day has worked out, in spite of the fact that they would mourn the way that yet another session was washed out in view of industrious sprinkle and the way that they couldn’t oversee more than only one wicket in the last session of play on the fourth day.

Younis Khan raised his 150 preceding losing both his accomplices in the same over, as Pakistan yielded a 223-run prompt to the hosts. Exactly when one believed that Australia would implement the take after on, Smith flagged his openers to cushion up rapidly.

Yet, none would have suspected that the criticalness would be with the end goal that Australia would go ahead to record the most astounding ever run rate for a third innings of a Test, scoring serenely more than seven an over. Warner impacted his way to the second quickest Test fifty ever, while both Khwaja and Smith got to their fifties as well. Diminish Handscomb didn’t timid far from communicating as he got a quickfire 40 too.

With an overwhelming 464-run lead, the hosts inevitably announced keeping around a hour for their bowlers to work with. Sharjeel Khan shone in his stay at the wrinkle, playing some appealing shots and imbuing that genuinely necessary inspiration in the camp. In any case, late in the day, as he had batted up to this point, he flicked one uppishly on the on side for Warner to take a decent catch. Sharjeel missed his fifty as Pakistan lost their lone wicket in the precarious section of play.

Pakistan would in any case be glad to have lost recently the one wicket and they would hope to bat as far as might be feasible to guarantee a draw for themselves. The hosts, be that as it may, would remain the top picks. Pakistan would have never appealed to God for rain to mediate, as much they would do tomorrow. Do go along with us for the last day of the arrangement tomorrow. Until then, this is Shirshendu Roy, closing down. Goodbye..

One Shot Too Many:

Sharjeel had fancied his odds so far, playing strokes, noticeable all around and along the ground, and it had been functioning admirably as well. Till he flicks this on the on side, noticeable all around and neglects to clear Warner at short mid-wicket, who times his bounce to flawlessness and takes it.

Lyon and Warner are charmed, so is every other person in the group. Sharjeel has discarded a decent begin, he had looked truly great hitherto.

Sharjeel Gets Into The Groove:


Two limits off Mitchell Starc, who appeared to have lost a touch of his radar in the past over however Sharjeel needed to at present put it away, and he did that. And after that off Nathan Lyon, who knocked down some pins well in the principal innings, a four and he truly toys with his rocking the bowling alley to hit that six somewhat later. This is great batting.

Pakistan surely can’t simply safeguard and draw this match, they must be sure with their approach and prepare for going into a shell.

Sharjeel Gets Into The Groove:

Two limits off Mitchell Starc, who appeared to have lost a touch of his radar in the past over yet Sharjeel needed to even now put it away, and he did that. And afterward off Nathan Lyon, who knocked down some pins well in the primary innings, a four and he actually toys with his rocking the bowling alley to hit that six somewhat later. This is great batting.

Pakistan surely can’t simply protect and draw this match, they must be certain with their approach and make preparations for going into a shell.

Pakistan Batsmen Are Back Out Again:

Sharjeel Khan and Azhar Ali have exited to bat and Mitchell Starc will take the new ball. Australia would realize that a few wickets would pretty much fire their aspiration up a bit to turn out tomorrow and shake the voyagers, who are as of now so exhausted with their certainty levels.

Josh Hazlewood from the flip side. Has he done anything incorrectly? Could he do anything incorrectly by any stretch of the imagination? He has been faultless with his line and length.

Announcement.. At long last!:

As Ian Chappell calls it on air, ‘Leniency assertion’. Indeed, even Peter Handscomb came in for that brief period after Steve Smith’s begging to be proven wrong expulsion and defeated the knocking down some pins assault like the senior geniuses had officially done.

Along these lines, 464 it is for revelation. Pakistan will be into bat for 60 minutes today, around 16 overs I accept.

Little Redemption: Steve Smith is no more

Yasir Shah bowls it down the leg side as Smith hopes to clear, enormous interest from Sarfraz for a got behind however umpire S Ravi turns it down. They survey it in franticness. Nothing on the HotSpot except for strikingly the snickometer has grabbed a little spike as the ball goes past the glove. The third umpire topples it, intense call to make and he makes it.

A few circumstances, innovation can be so befuddling, on occasion, an excessive number of them can be much all the more confounding in fact.

Also, they zoom in with the infrared innovation now, nothing there either. Weird episode yet at any rate, Smith is no more. DRS and its hazy areas, and the level headed discussion around it, ceaseless!

Twin Fifties: Khawaja and Smith illuminate the last session

Yasir Shah in the midst of all the batting splendor around, has surrendered 90+ keeps running in his ten overs. Could you trust it? He has been asked to leave for good to each conceivable corner of the recreation center today.

Also, now on to the fifties from both Khawaja and Smith. The left-hander arrived with a limit, soon took after by Smith stimulating one away for a solitary to get their to his breakthrough. Lead going to touch the 400-run stamp, will they pronounce by then? Ponder what the criteria is? Is it accurate to say that they are batting with the clock at the forefront of their thoughts, number of overs or the runs that they pile on?

Post Tea:

Both Khawaja and Smith will now hope to proceed from where they had left twenty minutes back. This guarantees to be one thrilling ride, some fast runs, couple of enormous hits before Australia turn out to bowl once more. They need this cleansweep as seriously as ever. Very apparent. For Pakistan, I ponder what would one be able to state. Play the cat-and-mouse amusement, and when they turn out to bat once more, they would need to bat out of their skin..

Bloodletting Continues:

Usman Khawaja and Steve Smith won’t not have assaulted in the way as David Warner did, however they have guaranteed that the force hasn’t been traded off with. Limits have continued coming as Australia keep on scoring at more than run a ball at this stage. To what extent will they bat? Is it about the quantity of overs they need to bowl at the visitors today or the quantity of keeps running on the board? We might know soon. However, what a thump from David Warner, basically set the tone of the match.

In the event that you need to make a match out of it, you do it like this. Colossal batting. Incidentally, it is Tea time at the SCG.

What’s more, He Falls..:

Not before he has given Australia precisely, or maybe a superior begin than they would have gotten ready for. Splendid batting, going up against Yasir Shah and Imran Khan specifically. He hit Yasir for 22 in one over while he crushed Imran for four limits in his over, taking the sightseers’ knocking down some pins line-up separated. When you have such men at the highest point of the request, do you ever truly fear? I don’t think so. Australian changing area looks so enchanted.

Over the top Cricket:
Warner records second speediest Test fifty

Mohammad Amir has maybe grabbed a side strain here, he is strolling off the field yet didn’t Misbah have any other person to go to other than Yasir Shah? He had been quite recently looted for 22 in one over.

Here he comes and Warner has asked him to take a hike for a six, achieves the second speediest Test fifty ever, only two balls behind Tuk’s 21-ball raid

Four Fours In A Row Now:

Imran Khan is under the mallet here. Warner is beating everybody to mash at this moment. Such control, as he sends in a steady progression ball, shouting into the fence.

Warner Warning: 22 keeps running in an over

Yasir Shah looks so dumbfounded right at this point. He doesn’t comprehend what has struck him here. Two sixes to open the more than, two fours to line it up with. This is genuine gore. Huge, blasting trudge clears, the savage Warner cut and now the invert clear as well, he has shown his whole collection in this over.

Australia are making their goals clear. What’s more, meanwhile, it shows up as though Khawaja and Warner are on two unique pages, at any rate appear to bat on two distinct surfaces. Warner, you’re so scary!


Australia Will Bat Again:

A lead of 223 runs however they don’t appear to be excessively satisfied with it, Warner and Khawaja will attempt and pile on a couple of brisk keeps running so as to guarantee that they don’t need to bat once more. Be that as it may, without a doubt, they need to embed Pakistan into bat today, furthermore hope to get a couple of brisk wickets in advance.

This pitch is a decent one to bat on, scarcely any dampness with the sun thumping pleasantly. However, save an idea, how do Pakistan spur themselves here?.

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