WWE Raw 11/04/2017 Finn Balor Vs Jinder Mahal & Bray Wayt Appears & Samoa Joe Attack To Seth Rollins.

Finn Balor Vs Jinder Mahal & Bray Wayt Appears.

Indian Guy Jinder Mahal started off strong as he hit Finn Balor with a massive Right boot before locking in a headlock. The fans were completely behind Finn Balor who soon fights back with a Pelle Kick.

He followed it up with a Slingblade followed by the dropkick into the ring corner.Finn Balor then ascended to the top rope and hit the Coup de Grace to finish Jinder Mahal off in quick style.

Finn Balor defeats Jinder Mahal As soon as the match Was ended. And then lights went out and Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen, tell all RAW as his new home. He then told Finn Balor that he had been watching Finn before disappearing from the screen.

WWE Raw 11/04/2017 Finn Balor Vs Jinder Mahal & Bray Wayt Appears & Samoa Joe Attack To Seth Rollins.

Samoa Joe Attack To Seth Rollins.

The Seth Freakin Rollins came out to address the WWE Universe. He thanked All His fans for having his back as he slayed the King at WrestleMania. Seth Rollins then enters that he had some revenge on his mind as well as a couple of goals, avenging Samoa Joe and winning the WWE Universal Championship.

Seth Rollins then added that after what happened at ‘WrestleMania, he was not going to be named an employee of the month At WWE. Seth Rollins then teased a going to SmackDown Live and the fans were into Double minds about it.

However, Seth Rollins then added that he had already taken the easy way out once and it would not happen again.At this point, Kurt Angle’s music hit and our new RAW General Manager made his way down to the ring.

Kurt Angle came out and admitted that Stephanie wanted Seth out of Monday Night RAW. Kurt Angle then added that he found Seth’s one-legged win at WrestleMania impressive Biggest and that had impressed him. Kurt Angle then said that he wanted the best show and he needed Seth Rollins on his show and as long as he was General Manger.

Seth Rollins would have a home on Monday Night RAW.As Kurt Angle was leaving the WWE ring, Samoa Joe ambushed Seth Rollins from behind him. However, Angle came back and tried to break up the brawl which has Seth Rollins the opportunity to hit back with a couple of enzeguiri’s which sent Samoa Joe on the retreat And Then Segment End.

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