WWE Raw 11/04/2017 Strwoman Destroy The Big Dog At Monday night Raw & The Mizz Vs Sami zayn Great Match.

Strwoman Destroy The Big Dog At Monday night Raw.

The Big Dog Roman Reigns was At backstage with Michael Cole who asked him if he felt any remorse for finishing The Undertaker’s career. Roman said about that it was bittersweet and the biggest victory of his career.

He said that he respected The Deadman but he did what he had to do.The interview got interrupted at this point when monster among man Braun Strowman came and tossed Roman into the wall like a ragdoll before flinging him into a food table.

He then sent The big Dog Roman face-first into a metal gate before hitting a running power slam into a stack of equipment crates.Monster among man then rammed a crate into Roman before walking away as EMT’s tended to Roman Reigns.

As Roman reigns lay strapped to the stretcher, Braun Strowman came back and flung the stretcher with Roman strapped on off an elevated surface in the parking area WWe Universe Chant thank you, strawman.

The EMT’s came back once again and they stretched a strapped-up Roman into an ambulance and then. At this point, Braun Strawman came back once again last time. With Roman Reigns still inside the Ambulance, Strawman overturned the ambulance with a show of big power & strength. That was incredible WWe Fans Clap For that.

The Big Dog Roman Reigns was At backstage with Michael Cole

The Mizz Vs Sami zayn Great Match.

One of Monday Night RAW’s newest acquisitions, The Miz, take on Sami Zayn. Miz started off with a dirty elbow before Zayn,  hit back with his trademark triple-arm drags as we headed to a badly What a Fight that was and then timed commercial break.

We came back from the break to see The A-Lister Miz hit Zayn with a neck breaker. Miz then attempted a supper plex but Sami defended him off. Miz got back up quickly and dodged Zayn’s offense before hitting a snap DDT and sami out.

Miz then went for Daniel Bryan’s signature Yes Kicks but Sami dodged the last one and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for the near fall at Coomer 1 2 but he kick out fOR That. Sami then looked to hit the Helluva Kick but Miz’s wife pulled Miz out at the last second.

Sami zayn then followed Miz out and followed him back into the ring only for Maryse to hold into his super boot.Miz looked to capitalize with a Skull Crushing Finale if this hit sami is out but Zayn somehow reversed it into a roll-up for the win against the mizz.

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