17/04/2017 WWE Raw Great match in history Ring was broken & The Miz And Ambrose Segment.

Great match in history Ring was broken.

great match These two giants collided even before
both men were in the ring. They traded blows at the
edge on the entrance ramp before Big Show sent
Strowman crashing into the barricade and give fight
.They finally entered the ring as Big Show looked to
hit Strowman with a chokeslam but Strowman broke
free and attack back.

Show then sent Strowman toppling over the top rope
before sending him crashing into the steel steps at
ringside and come back.Strowman came back into the
ring and hit Big Show with a massive running

Big Show had Strowman’s arm in a hammerlock but
Strowman kipped up before hitting Big Show with
multiple armdrags and kick him on face. Just when it
looked like Strowman had Big Show where he wanted
him, Show hit him with a bodyslam.
Show then went for a chokeslam but Strowman just
smacked his hand away before hitting Big Show with a
massive vertical suplex right hand to
strowman.Strowman then picked up Big Show for the
running Powerslam but Big Show broke free and sent
Strowman crashing into the turnbuckle.
then headed to the turnbuckle before Strowman sent
Show crashing back down to the ring. Strowman then leapt off the top rope but Show hit him with a chokeslam for the nearfall.Big Show then went for the KO punch but
Strowman dodged it and hit a running Powerslam on
Big Show.

He went for the cover but to his shock,
Big Show kicked out.The two men headed to the top
turnbuckle once again after this and Strowman
knocked Big Show off the apron once more. Strowman
leapt off the top rope once again and this time Big
Show met him with the KO punch.

big Show went for the cover and Strowman kicked out once again.The two men then headed to the top rope for a third time. Strowman hit Big Show with a massive Superplex and the ring broke with the impact of the two men,
sending the referee flying out of the ring. The
first time I saw this happening was when Big Show
faced Brock Lesnar on SmackDown all those years ago.
It happened during Big Show vs Mark Henry a few
years ago for the second time. Chants of “Yes”
filled the arena as Braun Strowman somehow got back
on his feet.


the Miz then said that Dean Ambrose was the first
pick in the WWE Draft and he also held the WWE
Championship at SummerSlam event, but then wasted it
and was put on the WrestleMania pre-show.

The Miz then accused Dean Ambrose of being
lazy.Ambrose replied by saying that Miz was too busy
looking after his image His look and what people
thought of them. Meanwhile, he was busy fighting
every night and doing what he loved before adding
that The Miz should know that since he beat Miz for
the title.

Maryse took the mic from ambrose at this point and
said that it was the man that made the championship,
not the championship that made the man nice lines.
the Miz started cutting a promo on Ambrose at this
point as Ambrose took off his jacket and tackled The
the Miz.
Maryse then distracted Ambrose from behind and Miz
tried to capitalize with the Skull Crushing Finale
but Ambrose broke free and tried to hit the Dirty
Deeds but Miz rolled out of the ring and fled and
run away.

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