Aj Styles Vs Kevin Owens U.S Championship & New Day Become New Champion.

Aj Styles Vs Kevin Owens U.S Championship & New Day Become New Champion.

Aj Styles Vs Kevin Owens U.S Championship.

The Prize Fighter Kevin Owens did not take long to regain his prized United States Championship At Battleground, Defeating AJ Styles just 16 days after losing the title to the Phenomenal 1 at a house show in Madison Square Garden. And Become The New Face of America has been obsessed with the US Title and had no intention of letting go of the championship for long.

The instant of his victory was odd as no one knew what to make of the win. Kevin Owen managed to turn a submission into a bridging pinfall to claim his victory. Kevin Owens regaining his title made sense, but it was a moment that did not feel like a proper finish for such a heated feud.

This fight continues to be defined by strong action but weak finishes, making for moments that leave people talking for the wrong reasons despite the ability on display show. Hope-fully the follow-up to this will make up for the finish and allow kevin Owens to once more take over SmackDown as its No two champion.

Aj Styles Vs Kevin Owens U.S Championship & New Day Become New Champion.

New Day Become New Champion.

The New Day are once more Time your reigning defending Smackdown tag team champions. In their second major match on SmackDown, The New Day Beat The Usos in the best fight of the night, a huge fight, back-and-forth encounter, with Xavier Woods gaining the great pinfall. returning to their spot atop the tag team division.

Losing the Raw Tag Team Championships at the end of a 483-day , The New Day have not been victors for eight months. While this felt like a short span due to the trio’s absence from television as Kofi recovered from His injury and due to their time spent on the road to WrestleMania as hosts than performers, it has been a while time, relative to their popularity, since they had golden gold.

The New Day have slowly but surely solidified themselves as the great tag team in modern WWE universe. Their match against The Usos was one of the best tag team contests in recent memory of WWE, and now The New Day are three-time champions. This may end up being just another impressive victory in the long legacy of the dominant trio, but it does not take away from the work of The champ New Day, once more proving New Days worth.

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